Women In Technology - Friday Links - 15 October 2021

How the pandemic is forcing women out of the workforce, explained in a comic by Aubrey Hirsch. Read more…


Should violence against women be treated as a hate crime?

Source: UN Women – Facts and Figures: ending violence against women
Listen to the podcast series “Any Questions? And Any Answers?” to know more about the topic.Read more…​​​​


Why women are more burnout than men?

Source: European Institute for Gender Equality
Statistics show that stress and burnout are affecting more women than men en masse. Why – and what happens next?Read more…



Lego to remove gender bias from its toys after findings of child survey

Research reveals harmful stereotypes still hindering girls, boys and their parents.

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California to enforce ‘gender neutral’ toy aisles in large stores

California has become the first US state to require large retailers to display toys and childcare items in gender-neutral ways.

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She co-founded a $1 billion fintech start-up in Asia — and wants to show other women they can too

Tessa Wijaya describes herself as “a unicorn among unicorns among unicorns.”

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Thomas Messias et son podcast Mansplanning

Trentenaire, blanc, hétéro, cisgenre et père, Thomas Messias est ce genre de personnes qu'on entend déjà beaucoup trop dans les médias, y compris sur des sujets qu'elles ne maîtrisent pas toujours. Tous les quinze jours dans Mansplaining, il questionne un sujet qu'il connaît, la masculinité, pour rappeler qu'elle n'est pas unique... mais plurielle.

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Fete de la Science – Workshop materials

The WIT Outreach team participated on Saturday in Fete de la Science at Chateau Voltaire in Ferney-Voltaire, France. WIT organised family workshops to discover fundamental particles, electrical circuits and how internet works. Many families and children participated during the whole day. WIT is proud to promote STEM among the little ones and bringing science close to the future generations.

Workshops available for download in: https://wit-hub.web.cern.ch/outreach-downloads/


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