CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions talks, Digital Memory, LHC experiments prepare to receive pilot beams, News from the Lab, CERN Colloquium "Safeguarding our Climate - Towards a Sustainable Future"

This week, we give you another opportunity to revisit our Second Collisions talks on Quantum, Technology and Innovation with Markus Pflitsch, Yuri Andersson and Daniel Verdú Torres:

Were you working at CERN in the 1980's? If so and you would like to help us enrich CERN's digital memory, please join us online on Wednesday 27 October (from 14:30 CET) to help us identify the people, places and equipment featured in this month's collection of photos. More information here:

Back to the present day, on 18 October CERN reported that after over two years of upgrades and maintenance works, the four main LHC experiments are finalising preparations to receive pilot beams:

Furthmore, a recent CERN Courier article, reveals more about the protons which are once again circulating in the LHC. At the beginning of October, a beam of 450 GeV protons made its way from the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) down the TI2 beamline towards Point 2, where it struck a dump block and sprayed secondary particles into the ALICE experiment:

Marco Calviani will join us for the next edition of 'News from the Lab' where he will take a deep dive into the challenges and perspectives for Target Systems of high-intensity and high-energy machines. Taking place on Thursday 4 November from 18:00 CET, register and more information here:

Finally, join the CERN Colloquium "Safeguarding our Climate - Towards a Sustainable Future" this Monday 25 October with Prof. Johan Rockstroem (Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) whose talk will walk through the latest assessment of whether we are at risk of crossing a planetary threshold, and argue for setting scientific targets for a safe operating space on Earth, to keep the Earth system in a Holocene-like inter-glacial state, and suggest the framing for planetary stewardship of a stabilized Earth for people and planet.

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