CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions talks, MedTech interest group, 11th annual HL-LHC meeting, virtual ATLAS visits, Fermilab’s MicroBooNE collaboration, Dark Matter Day, News from the Lab

This Halloween, we are treating you to more fascinating talks from the MedTech track of Second Collisions. Our three speakers will certainly spark your interest in areas covering vaccine delivery technology, cancer treatment therapy and research on Parkinson's disease, each of them demonstrating the impact of CERN alumni across the globe.

Do you work or have an interest in the MedTech sector? Would you like to share ideas and your experience with others? Would you be interested in co-managing a CERN Alumni MedTech interest group? If so, please contact us for more information.

This week, more than 200 participants gathered online at the 11th annual HL-LHC collaboration meeting to take stock of CERN’s flagship project as it starts taking shape on an industrial scale:

The ATLAS collaboration is breathing new life into its LHC Run 2 dataset. Physicists will be reprocessing the entire dataset. Not only will this improve ATLAS physics measurements and searches, it will also position the collaboration well for the upcoming challenges of Run 3 and beyond:

Did you know that our ATLAS colleagues organise regular, virtual ATLAS visits and you are welcome to take part? The next scheduled
visit is taking place on Friday 5th Nov from 15.00 - 16.00 CET. More information and register here:

Turning to neutrinos, the CERN Courier reports on results released this week by Fermilab’s MicroBooNE collaboration, "MicroBooNE sees no hint of a sterile neutrino":

Join us in the global celebration of Dark Matter Day on and around 31 October with several activities

Finally, reconnect and rediscover the work carried out in our lab at the upcoming, fascinating 'News from the Lab' event on 18.11.21, "The Difficult Balance between Academic Freedom, Industrial Installations and Cyber-Security" with Stefan Lüders

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