Women In Technology - Friday Links - 29 October 2021

Happy Dark Matter Day everyone! Our selection of links below.



Less than 5% of the total mass and energy in the universe is the stuff we know about: like stars, planets, galaxies, and gases, isn’t that spooky!

On and around October 31, 2017, the world celebrated the hunt for the unseen—something that scientists refer to as dark matter.

Since then, Dark Matter Day has become an annual celebration with labs around the world taking part.


Dark Matter Day Ask me Anything here:




 Special Wishes

Last week was Fabiola Gianotti’s prime number birthday!




This same week was the publishing of the Gender Equality Advisory Council's report, where Fabiola is member, on how G7 Leaders should build back better for women and girls and make progress towards gender equality. It seems there is cause for hope.




Meet the IT Department Head

WIT-sc was thrilled to meet Enrica Porcari on a privileged slot that she carved out from her busy schedule.

It was clear that she is a person that can draw a path and provide guidance on these issues, and we think CERN is lucky to count her in its ranks.

Here is her message to the CERN community and we promise a WIT interview with her to come up soon.




2021 LHC Career Networking event

This event offers an insight into career opportunities outside of academia. Various former members of the LHC collaborations will give presentations  and elaborate on their experience in companies in a diverse range of fields. Participants from all experiments and all sectors at CERN as well as CERN Alumni are welcome.





The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference started today.

Climate change affects women, men, boys and girls in different ways. Entrenched and systemic discrimination can lead to gender-differentiated impacts of climate change with respect to health, food security, livelihoods and human mobility, among other things. Intersectional forms of discrimination can make some women and girls more vulnerable to climate change, while excluding women and girls from climate action makes it less effective and further exacerbates climate harms.




On women and witches



Enjoy everything that spooks you,

Eva on behalf of WIT steering committee




About the Women in Technology (WIT) Community: The aim of this community is to provide an environment in which women are not in the minority when interacting with technology. Our objectives are: to encourage women to play the role of expert; to provide a supportive learning environment; and to build a network between the Women in Technology here at CERN. WIT welcomes members from all genders and all technical fields. Visit cern.ch/wit

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