CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions talks, Alumni Advent call, CMS Discovery, News from the Lab updates, Career Networking event, Challenges in Building the Next Major Collider, CERN Alumni in TOP100 swiss startups

This week's Second Collisions set of talks take you 'ad astra' with Grzegorz Wrochna, President of the Polish Space Agency and onto the red planet with Shannon Towey, Systems Software Engineer at the NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Bringing you back to earth, do you remember last year's charming advent messages from alumni across our Member States? We are looking for alumni who would like to share their 30 second video with the CERN Alumni Community. Find out how you can participate here.

In a first for particle physics, the CMS collaboration has observed three J/ψ particles emerging from a single collision between two protons

From the CERN Courier, the outgoing President of CERN Council (January 2019 to December 2021), Ursula Bassler reflects on the challenges in building the next major collider at CERN.

CERN runs a cacophony of IT systems serving its researcher community for running particle accelerators and physics experiments. As in other organizations, these IT systems are under permanent attack. Join us for our upcoming 'News from the Lab' with Stefan Luders.

Are you looking for insights into career opportunities outside of academia. Various former members of the LHC collaborations will give presentations and elaborate on their experience in companies in a diverse range of fields. Career networking event Monday 15 November:

Please note that the scheduled 'News from the Lab' Challenges and perspectives for Target Systems of high-intensity and high-energy machines with Marco Calviani has been postponed to 9/12, so there is still time to register:

Finally: Let's celebrate those CERN Alumni who figure in this year's TOP100 swiss startups, including CREAL SA, Terapet SA and Daphne Technology SA:

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