Women In Technology - Friday Links - 12 November 2021


In July 2021, UNESCO issued a global call for contribution to women with a background in STEM, inviting them to send their stories and artworks in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic. Artworks by 54 women of science have been selected. The women of science are neuroscientists, microbiologists, doctors, nurses, medical students, researchers, science communicators, engineers and mathematicians of all ages, from 31 countries. Women scientists are less visible than their male counterparts. UNESCO seeks to give a voice and visibility to STEM women, to their unique scientific perspectives, personal journey, creation, and resilience throughout the pandemic. Read more…



Source: World Bank


The World Economic Forum launched in 2020 the The Hardwiring Gender Parity in the Future of Work, which is a Business Commitment Framework where companies commit to reach 50-50 gender parity in the hiring pipeline of the most emerging professions. Read more…






Number of female applicants for ESA’s Astronauts Selection


“Je suis agréablement surprise par l'augmentation du nombre de candidatures féminines. Pour ma sélection en 1985, on était à 10%, on est passé à 15% en 2008, et aujourd'hui on est à 24%... ”, a réagit Claudie Haigneré, astronaute et ex-ministre de la Recherche. Read more…



Paid Maternity Leave Around the World


Paid Paternity Leave Around the World


Source: World Policy Center


The United States will remain the only industrialised country in the world without paid parental leave. President Joe Biden's administration failed to keep the measure in the government's proposed social spending package, however, US democrats will make another attempt to pass a bill mandating four weeks of paid parental leave. Read more…





Source: Masculinity in Engineering - EqualEngineers



Make me a man is a documentary by Jerry Hyde and Mai Hua that shows what happens when men challenge the conventional model of masculinity and choose vulnerability instead… Watch more…



Source: Formation et Profession : Choix toujours genrés en Suisse


Depuis 21 ans, la journée nationale suisse Futur en tous genres s'efforce de déconstruire les concepts de rôles stéréotypés et d'ouvrir ainsi de nouvelles perspectives aux filles et aux garçons. Lire plus…


Un court-métrage a été réalisé pour mettre en valeur les parcours professionnels exemplaires de trois personnes ayant choisi un métier habituellement exercé par l’autre sexe. Les portraits de Prof. Marilyne Andersen, physicienne et spécialiste de la construction, d’Ester Tami, informaticienne et de Fabian Müller, éducateur de la petite enfance sont présentés dans cette vidéo d’une durée de 10 min environ.




Image Source: Cloud to Classroom: Cloud to Classroom is a joint project of Google Earth, National Geographic, and NASA to put satellite data in the hands of the world.



Call for Volunteer Programming Coaches - RightsTech Women

RightsTech Women is looking for volunteer programming coaches for a programming workshop on 11th December 2021 in Geneva. Women are especially encouraged to participate, but coaches of any gender are welcome. Liza Goldberg, who helped develop Cloud to Classroom, will be present. The event is targetting girls and young women aged 14-18. There will be at least one morning session from 9-12:00 and, and depending on interest and availability, maybe also an afternoon session from 13:30-16:30.

The workshop will be in person at SDG Solution Space in Geneva. Vaccination certificate will be required and masks will be worn throughout the event. If sanitary measures change, the event will be online via Zoom. 

Coaches' trainings (via Zoom) prior to the event:

Nov. 24 17:00-18:00 via Zoom

Nov. 29 17:00-18:00 via Zoom

Interested persons with experience in data science can email volunteers@rightstech.org. Please indicate if you are available in the morning, afternoon, or both.



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