CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions talks, LHC two-week beam test, HiRadMat, LHC Career Networking event, medical research and CERN Alumni Advent calendar

AI, Machine Learning and Deep learning featured in this October's Second Collisions, if you didn't have to opportunity to join us, or if you'd simply like to revisit these insightful talks, you can do so here:

Read the latest from CERN's Director for Accelerators and Technology (Mike Lamont) regarding the LHC's two-week beam test.

Since its construction in 2011, HiRadMat has been a unique experimental facility for testing materials under beam impact and it's celebrating its tenth anniversary:

Four-times more powerful than typical hospital devices, the “Iseult” project at CEA-Paris-Saclay paves the way for imaging the brain in unprecedented detail for medical research.

Don't forget to register for next week's events, the LHC Career Networking event (15/11) and News from the Lab
on the fascintating topic of computer security with Stefan Lueders:
Finally, this is our last call for those CERN alumi who wish to take part in this year's CERN Alumni Advent calendar campaign.

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