CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions talks, CAAB meeting, PhD degree at 89 years-old, News from the Lab, CERN Courier webinar

The Environment and Sustainability track from this October's Second Collisions, can be revisited in our latest article:

The CERN Alumni Advisory Board held it's 7th meeting this week to discuss the progress made in the past year as well as next year's strategy for the alumni network.

Alternating from spheres to rugby balls is no longer the sole preserve of mercury isotopes, an international team at CERN’s ISOLDE facility reports in a paper published in Physical Review Letters:

Earning a PhD degree in your eighties – perhaps a nightmare for some, but a lifelong dream came true for this 89-year old man:

Add some engaging events to your December agenda:
Join our next News from the Lab with Marco Calviani on 9 December:
Explore the latest development at the ITER project in the CERN Courier webinar on 16 December

And finally, have you come across any interesting, thought-provoking articles lately? Share them with other alumni on (live feed) and spark the discussion.

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