A job in a research environment is often seen as a natural continuation of university studies. However, real life statistics indicate that only a small percentage of scientists will actually pursue their career in academia or in a laboratory like CERN. What options do scientists have if they have to leave their comfort zone?

With its +3100 members distributed across the planet and active in a variety of professional fields, the one-year old CERN Alumni network proves that there are actually plenty of options for scientists, IT specialists and engineers leaving the organization. To help its members deal with a career transition, the CERN Alumni Office has organised the first in a series of workshops: “Moving out of Academia To ... The Financial Sector”. Indeed, the wide field of Finance seems to really value the skills in computer modeling, statistical analysis of complex network systems, working with large data sets as well a the problem solving, internationally oriented, flexible attitude that most scientists develop across their studies and early career whilst at CERN

The very first workshop was highly successful, attracting t90 people who gathered at CERN and a few who connected remotely to hear from the 6 panelists,  all CERN Alumni – who shared the positive and less positive aspects of working in Finance as well as the best practices to effectively perform the transition with the audience. The seminar was facilitated by Rami Kamalieddin, CERN physicist and Administrator of the CERN Finance Club.

Given the success of the initiative and the constructive feedback received, the CERN Alumni Office plans to organise more of such workshops, always involving CERN Alumni both as panelists and as members of the audience – a truly engaging sharing of experiences but also of tips and helpful advice. The next workshop will take place towards the end of -September (date to be confirmed) and will focus on “Moving Out of Physics to Data Science”. For more information and to connect to the CERN Alumni Network, visit: http://alumni.cern

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