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The High-Energy Network

The CERN Alumni Network helps its members stay connected with the Organization and with other alumni, no matter where life has taken them after their time at CERN. If you are a former employed or associated member of CERN personnel and whatever you're seeking, be it to widen your network, look for alumni in your vicinity, participate in our events, have access to lifelong learning and stay in touch with your peers….we have you covered!
We are known as the High Energy Network; this is because we know that your energy potential has continued to develop since leaving CERN and we are keen for you to share your energy and enthusiasm for CERN’s mission with fellow members. Our vision is one of a collaborative, inclusive and active community, for which we have laid the foundations and invite you to build upon.
We are calling on you to send us your request to join, and start getting involved, sharing learning and professional opportunities and taking advantage of a package of benefits which we are putting in place progressively.
Do you have any questions? Try our FAQ page first or contact us. If you are interested to know more about how the programme came to life you might want to read the following articles on the CERN website and the CERN Courier.


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